It’s true! We are Adopting!

If you find yourself on this page first off thank you so much for taking the time to look at this blog. Second, it’s true! We’re Adopting. Many may be wondering why, how long does this take, why not biological children? Im here to answer those questions but I’m also here to tell our adoption journey. To share with people, to bring awareness to adoption and to hopefully get all of your prayers during this time.

So why not biological children? This is a topic people feel afraid to ask, they dont want to upset or hurt us. Since starting this journey I have become a lot more open about it. Dan and I do want to have biological children, we hope God does bless us with one someday. But for me, adoption has ALWAYS been something I knew was part of my story. Dan learned I wanted to adopt, I think on our first date! So with prayers and God, Dan’s heart also turned to adoption. So when we learned I had endometriosis almost 3 years ago and learned it may take longer for us to conceive, we really began to seek and pray for God’s plan on how we would start a family. Last fall we both heard loud and clear that it was time to Adopt. We both feel so blessed that we have been chosen to walk this path.

How long does it take? This process can take a while. We started paperwork and the home study in late October last year and just finished with it and was approved earlier this week! We just order our adoption profile books, that birth mothers will look at and decide if they want to meet us. So now that we are in the “waiting pool” it can literally take 24 hours to 2 years. For our agency their average wait time last year was about 12.5 months. With some couples waiting longer and some shorter. So a lot of the time if we wont know anything until we know everything. There are many things I wont be able to share on this blog. But also things I can. So if you feel compelled to follow our journey know I will update with information when I can.

We feel so blessed to be walking this journey. This journey that can be a roller coaster of emotions. We are so grateful to have the support of our family and small group. We are very happy to be also walking this journey with another couple in our small group. God is so good! ┬áSo the praying and waiting has started. We know that God already has the perfect birth mom and child in mind (even if that child hasn’t been conceived yet). That knowledge is amazing! So if you can pray for peace for us during this wait that would be wonderful! Thank you for joining us on this journey!


One thought on “It’s true! We are Adopting!”

  1. Happy, loving and kind. Such a wonderful couple. God surely must be smiling. And I know Dan and Karla are the perfect parents to be truly grandpa certified.
    As Karla’s Grandpa I have watched our little girl grow to be the beautiful mother she will be………………………
    Dan is my buddy and my friend………… So full of love!

    All my love, Grandpa Huntley, Grandma Chris too!

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