Adoption Book

So this week has been kind of a rough one. Stomach flu followed by a crazy migraine. Plus work was a tough one this week. But today I’m on the mend and in my “migraine hangover phase” so I’m at least functioning! YAY! 

So the adoption book, its a book that birth mothers who are going to make an adoption plan look at to pick  potential adoptive parents. So it is kind of a big part of the adoption process. Well we finally got ours in the mail yesterday! Dan will be taking them to our adoption agency this afternoon. They will then be in the hands of social workers all over the state of Colorado. Kind of crazy to think about. I don’t want to share all of our adoption book but I have included some pictures of parts of it. 

Making this book was pretty intense, but I also enjoyed it a lot. The hardest part was the letter to the birth parent and then the thank you. It was hard to find the exact words to let a person we have never met know how much we will love their child we have never met. To let them know that we are already in awe of their strength for choosing life and an adoption plan. To let them know we are open to an open adoption and always want their child to know and understand his or her story. That was hard, but then my great friend who is also adopting reminded me that God already has this birth mom picked out, already has a child in mind, and while my words may make one person not pick us they will be perfect words for the one who does. I was thankful for that reminder from my sweet friend and after I put my mind in that perspective, the words just came. 

The rest of the book was pretty fun to make. Just picking out the right pictures and giving them a look into our lives. My favorite page to make was the one on our pets…Well duh, I love them! So it was so easy and fun! For the pages on Dan and I, we wrote about each other. So I explained Dan and he explained me. That way we aren’t like well I’m so great because of this and I’m the best singer in the whole world, or I’m so good with technology I’m better than Steve Jobs…HA! Not that we would actually write that!!! Then there are pages on our incredible family, our friends, home, fun facts and the thank you. I wanted to keep the design fun but not to loud or over the top. 

So with the books in the hands of the social workers the wait truly does begin. I know God already has a perfect plan for it all. I can’t wait to see it unfold. I am holding on to this knowledge to help me stay calm and peaceful. Yesterday in my sickness I was laying on the couch and Mike & Molly came on. The two episodes I watched was the ones when they were making their adoption book and then when they finally got the baby. In these episodes they showed them just being absolutely crazy while waiting for “the call” and the struggle to stay sane. All I kept thinking was “Oh Lord, please, please don’t let me get that crazy during this process!” I had to giggle at it all but know that God is our peace during this time.

Thanks for reading. This week please pray for our adoption books. Please pray for the people who open and look at these books. Whether they pick us or not these girls are trying to make probably the hardest decision they have ever made.  


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