So Monday night I was laying in bed thinking about the week. I had a lot in front of me for the week and a very busy weekend. Then my mind turned to the blog. I was thinking, what in the world would I possibly write about this week? I had no idea, so I just went to bed. Around six in the morning on Tuesday I heard my phone ringing. Missing the call I looked at the phone and saw I missed a phone call from my sister. In my mind all I thought was, why in the world would she be calling me so early in the morning? So I called back, on the other end of the phone my sister told me that she was in labor and then asked the magical words, “would you like to be in the room for the delivery?” I have been asking her this since she had her oldest and was in shock that she asked the question. I was so excited and felt so honored she would allow me and my other sister witness our new nephew being born.

So I hustled to get ready, get some snacks for everyone and coffee for my bother-in-law and mom. Once as at the hospital we waited for a couple hours. At about 1:15 pm the nurse came back in to check Kim and see how far along she was. Kari and I went into the waiting room for about 15 minutes before Manny came and said it was time. I was so excited, it was time, time to see my nephew come into this world. It all happened much faster than expected and it was a life changing event. I now ¬†believe every single person should see a baby being born before they die. The raw strength of my sister was absolutely incredible. The sweet quiet coaching of my bother-in-law amazing. Then to hear the very first cries of my nephews. That is a beautiful noise I will never forget. The whole experience was an amazing display of God’s love for us. An amazing display of love between my sister and my brother-in-law.

To Kim and Manny,

I thank you from the bottom of my heart ¬†for letting me be in the room. I will never be able to truly repay you for letting me witness this. You opened my eyes to another form of God’s love I had yet to experience. Kim, you are an incredibly strong and beautiful person. I loved seeing the instant love you and Manny had for Brooks the moment you first saw him. To hear your sweet voice as you calmed his cries. To see how Brooks responded when he heard Manny’s voice and turned to it. I am forever grateful to you both and so proud of you both!


So the adoption, nothing new to share. Just waiting. But we did get the diaper bag and pack and play this week. That was fun and my diaper bag is super cute! We also got a baby duck, I wanted a female duck and my friend was getting some as well, so I decided to get a female. She is cute. So we keep waiting and trusting in the Lord. I am very thankful for this last week and the birth of my beautiful new nephew! God is good, God is good all the time!


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  1. Your post reminded me of when Glenda was expecting Dan. They were living in Texas then. My mom and I were planning on flying down before he was born but also to be there for when he came into the world. I don’t remember how many tickets we had set up and had to change waiting for him to arrive!

    We finally got the call to head on down. We get there….my mom went with everyone to the hospital and I was at the house to wait for a call. The call came, we hung up, the car wouldn’t start and I had no way to get in touch with anyone so I missed the whole thing anyway! Obviously, this was before cell phones!

    Not everything went as smoothly as planned at the hospital either. Dan was fine but Glenda decided to add a little excitement of her own.

    They did come home as planned and we got to enjoy him before we left. He was a little mite. Grew up with a tiny little voice, which is why he became Dan Mouse to me. Now, I would say he is a rat but that doesn’t hold the same cuteness of being a mouse!

    Your baby will come when the timing is right. You just have that “mamma” anticipation!

    Love you guys!

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