How Adoption has already changed my life

So, how has adoption already changed my life? Well first off my sister Kari is adopted. My parents went over to Romania to get my sister when I was two. I dont remember life without Kari, she has always been my sister and Im so thankful she is. When we were kids Kari and I shared a room so we did like everything together. I also grew up with two adopted cousins. Adoption has always been a part of my life. When I was about ten I went through this phase where I wasn’t going to get married, I was going to ride a motorcycle and I was going to adopt so I could still be a mom. As I got older many of those wants changed but one that did not was the desire to adopt. I think I told Dan I wanted to adopt a child on our first date! It had become something that I knew was a part of my story. It was already a part of my story. If my parents didn’t listen to the call to adopt our family would have always had a missing piece. I would have grown up with just one older sister and my little brother. How boring that would have been. If my parents didnt adopt my beautiful older sister then I probably wouldn’t be adopting either. Not only did my parents make our family whole by adopting but they also planted the seed that is going to make my family whole as well. I am so thankful my mom knew she had a daughter waiting for her in Romania. Adoption has always and will always be a part of my life. I am so thankful for each and every one of my siblings. I love how different we all are but I also love how each one of us fits into our family perfectly and make it whole. I find it incredible to think, that God knew one of my sisters was in Romania and that she would fit perfectly into our family. I think its amazing that God already knows who our future baby is and that this child will also become a perfect fit for Dan and I. Adoption can be hard and it can be messy. No everything wasnt always rainbows and sunshine growing up, all 4 of us kids went through ¬†growing pains and rebellion. It isnt about ¬†being perfect, its about that at the end of the day we are still family and love each other. At the end of the day God chose us to be a family even if that means traveling to another country to bring my sister home or waiting for a birth-mom to pick us to be the parents of her baby. Family isnt always about blood, its about loving one another no matter what. Its about being there during the messy, silly, sad, fun, frustrating and incredible moments of life. Adoption isnt always an easy ride, I am aware of that. I am also aware of the beauty of adoption. My sister, she is the beauty of adoption. She is the amazing part of my family that was so special my parents traveled to another country to bring her home. She is one of the reasons I am so excited to adopt. I cant wait for my child to learn their adoption story, to hear their Auntie Kari’s adoption story. Adoption isnt always sad, it is an incredible story of how God brings families together.

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