All part of the journey

I’m going to be real here. These last couple of week have been rough. I have got emotions like a roller coaster! There have been so many good things going on but also things out of my control that I don’t really like. One of those being my endometriosis. I was diagnosed about three years ago and have been able to manage it with acupuncture and diet. But this last month and a half have been by far the worse symptoms I have ever had! I mean ever! The pain can take me to my knees. So after seeing my girly doctor for a annual and ultrasound it was decided it was time to get a bit more serious about this all. So in May I will be going in for an outpatient laparoscopy. They will take a look in there and then cut out any endometriosis they find. I am nervous but also extremely excited for the pain relief that will come after the healing. I will be out of work for about 2 weeks and won’t be able to ride Annabelle for 3 weeks… That is the worse thing about it all! NO RIDING FOR AT LEAST 3 WEEKS!!! AAH!

I won’t lie to you all I am scared for the surgery. But the hardest part is that it kind of digs up my old wounds and feelings about my endometriosis. It adds to the stress and uncertainty of the wait to adopt. But I know it is the right thing to do and this way when we are picked by a birth mom and we get our baby I will feel awesome. I may feel the best I have felt in over 5 years!!! Wouldn’t that be amazing?!

As for the adoption we are still in the “great wait”. I do feel it is getting easier, I mean it has already been three months since we got approved. Times is going very fast and I know it is all in his hands. The last weekend of the month we will be in Castle Rock for a weekend adoption training. I hear its pretty intense but I am excited to learn! I am excited to meet other couples who are adopting. I am excited to become more educated about adoption.

So if you all can continue to pray for our future child and birth mom. If you can pray that my little surgery goes smoothly and recovery is fast. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for joining us on this journey!



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