Time keeps flying by

This last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. I suppose that is a good thing because it makes the weeks go by fast and brings us closer and closer to Baby Baumann. God already has the month, day and hour we will meet our precious baby picked out. This last week we got to go to the main fundraiser that Hopes Promise (our adoption agency) does every year. It was a blast! We went with our great friends and fellow waiting adoptive parents. I am so excited for our friends and the child God has planned for them. I am also so excited we get to walk this journey with them. That our children will get to grow up together and get to have a friend who is also adopted! There was also some awesome food at the event! Next weekend we have a two-day adoption training. I am so excited for this. It has been fun having events that have to do with our agency and our adoption. Annabella also came home yesterday. It feels so good to have her home. I am excited for her to get settled and to really get to know her and start building our relationship!

Please continue to pray for peace in our hearts during this waiting period! (It’s a little rough some days) Please pray for our future birth mom and dad. Please pray for our future child. If you can also pray those same prayers for our sweet friends who are also waiting that would be great!



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