So last weekend we were in Castle Rock at some mandatory adoption training. By Colorado state law you must have 16 hours of adoption training before your adoption is finalized.  Hope’s Promise does two trainings a year. One in October and one in April. When we first started the adoption process it was right in the middle of October so we weren’t able to make that training, so we had to wait for the April one. The training was very good. There were a lot of families just starting the processes and still in all the paperwork. There were a couple of families adopting internationally. We were the only “waiting family” but there was another family getting ready to adopt their third child from Hope’s promise. It was fun to meet hopeful adoptive families and it was very fun to get to know the staff at Hope’s Promise better. There were several different classes and people giving us training and tips for raising an adopted child. My favorite part was the birth parent and adoptive parent panel. It was so interesting to hear about everything from the perspective of both birth mom’s and adoptive parents who have already made an adoption plan and who are walking this journey. We even had a how to care for an infant class! The weekend was very good and I was so impressed with the whole weekend. We have now completed everything needed for this stage of adopting. So now we just wait, we just give it to God and trust in his promises.

So as you know we have gotten a number of baby items already so we would be prepared. We have a pack and play, diaper bag, baby wrap holder, some stuffed animals, a car seat and a nursery that needs a crib and rocking chair so I can put up the decorations. Something I hadn’t bought yet was any baby clothes. I at first think I was avoiding it because we don’t know if it will be a boy or girl. I also think I wasn’t buying it because I didn’t want the baby clothes without a baby. I didn’t want to get super excited for the cute little clothes and then it just sit for however long until we get our baby. But yesterday I was out and about in town and went into Target to get another pair of these lounge pants that I like. I don’t know why but I felt the need to buy some baby clothes. I just got some onesies   that were gender neutral and some pants. I also got some swaddle blankets ( I don’t really know what you would call them! HA!). So I officially have some baby clothes in the house. I had a rough week because of some things that happened at work, I had a long conversation with God on Tuesday night on the way home from work. Even though I feel like I have given this adoption to him multiple times, I really haven’t completely let go and given it to him. It’s silly not to but it’s part of my want to have control over the situation. So maybe by buying those baby clothes I have been afraid to buy it was a way of completely giving this journey to him. Maybe it was my way of letting go and letting God. I know that is the only way to make it in this journey. This journey I feel so blessed to get to walk. It is not an easy one my friends, but the deeper in we get the more I can feel God changing my heart. The more I feel prepared for what is ahead. Its pretty crazy that we started this journey 8 months ago and have already been waiting for 4 months. It is going by so fast and yet there are also those hard days that go by so slow. It is something I still am not sure I am strong enough to handle but I also know with God I can do anything. So we keep waiting and praying. We keep trusting the Lord and dreaming of our future child. Until that day, I will give this journey to you Lord, I will lean on you. I will pray every single day for this journey! And until that day we get matched, until that day we bring our precious child home from the hospital I will put my trust in you Lord and then continue to put my trust in you!

~ Karla


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