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First off let’s get real here, adoption is not cheap. When we first heard the call to adopt many of our conversations were about how we could possible get the money to adopt. So we started researching. To help raise the money people do ¬†support letters, they do go fund me pages and fundraisers of all kinds. Many families do multiple fundraisers. We thought and prayed a lot about if we would do fundraising or not. I personally have never really liked asking people for money, even in high school fundraising for missions trips was my least favorite thing. So we decided to not write a letter, to not do multiple ones. We however did decide on one fundraiser that we feel goes deeper than just asking for your supports in just the form of money. The fundraiser we have decided to do is a puzzle. The puzzle was designed by myself. It has a verse that is very popular for many adoptive families or even just families struggling with fertility. But it also rings so true! ” For this child I have prayed and the Lord has granted me the desires of my heart” 1 Samuel 1:27.

So how does this puzzle work? The puzzle I got has 251 pieces. So basically you will buy a puzzle piece or multiple puzzles pieces. We will then put your name on the back of that puzzle piece or puzzle pieces. Once it is done we will frame the puzzle so that you can see the front and turn it around and see the back with all the names. I want our future child to know how many people have prayed and helped to bring him or her home. Imagine the love that will show our future child. I have already been so in awe of how many people have been following our story and praying for us and I want our future child to know and understand how truly loved they will be and already are! This is the only fundraiser we are doing everything we raise will go straight to our adoption fund. We are not putting a limit on how little or how much you can give. It’s completely up to you. No matter the outcome of this we know God will provide the funds needed. He already is, he has provided for this adoption already in ways that we have been so thankful for. So if you want to help us bring home baby Baumann and become even more a part of the story you can email me at or Dan at We can then get you the info for either PayPal or our address to mail us the donation. Or use the Donate Button at the bottom of this post. Just let us know how many puzzles pieces you want and we will be sure to let you see a picture of the pieces and the finished product that will be in the nursery.

I thank you already from the bottom of my heart for even considering to be part of our puzzle fundraiser.


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