Dancing through the wait

God has totally been stretching me and teaching me how to dance through the wait. It has not always been easy but I will tell you God has been there in it all. Every second, every hour, every day. I am keeping busy with work, friends, family, new friends and playing with my animals, oh and of course lots of riding. We met this awesome couple at the adoption training in April and really hit it off, we are getting dinner with them this friday. We are excited learn more about each others stories and talk lots of adoption! We started talking at the training because I thought she looked like someone I knew! Now I think we will be great friends. Its always so good to have friends walking the same path as you! I also went over to Montrose, Co with my parents this last weekend to celebrate my Great Grandma’s 99th birthday! It was so awesome to celebrate and be with family!

So about this puzzle fundraiser, WOW thank you to everyone who has donated so far! We have decided to put an end date on this little fundraiser! The date will be July 30th. So if you would still like to join the fun you have another month! My awesome hubby added a really awesome donate button on the bottom of the page!

Please keep praying for this little journey we are on! God is already moving mountains and preparing hearts for us to be able to one day bring home Baby Baumann! We are just overwhelmed by the support and love from you all! We are even more overwhelmed by God and his unfailing love!






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