When I got Annabelle for my birthday this year I was over the moon! I had been dreaming of getting another horse for so long. I also knew it was a risky move, she was green broke and required a lot of riding and attention to make her into a proper horse. But I was given her for free and I thought at that point I still had many months of waiting before we would meet our child. She came home late April and fast forward two months and we got the most incredible phone call of our lives. A birth mom wanted to have a match meeting with us and the baby boy was due in 3ish week!  When we first got Annabelle I honestly thought I would have her close to a year before bringing a baby home. I am so thankful we didn’t have to wait that long but because of this beautiful season of life Annabelle has spent a lot of time just hanging out in the pasture. A green broke horse should be ridden at least 3 times a week and I have been averaging about once every month and a half. Green broke horses require a lot more time than a 10 year old horse that has been around the block and is ok being only ridden on the weekends. I have felt so much guilt that this beautiful smart 5 year old mare is just eating in a pasture. (Not that she really cares but I know all she can become.) I have been wrestling with what to do for a while now and have decided Annabelle will be returning to her first owner who now has the time for her. I have cried many tears over this decision but this gorgeous horse deserves only the best and I will never be able to make her into the amazing trail horse I know she can be. Not only do I not have the time but I also don’t have all the knowledge required to get her to be the amazing horse I know she can be. I knew it would be risky to bring her home with the stage of life we are in, so now I will be a responsible adult and admit that I’m in the wrong phase of life for a 5 year old green broke horse. You know it’s hard to be an adult sometimes; I love Annabelle like crazy and will miss her even more. Luckily I know where she is going and can hopefully go out and ride her every once in a while. I will say Annabelle did help me through our wait, she helped me find myself again and I helped her become not just a ranch horse but someone’s best friend.  She was so rough around the edges when I got her and she is now a sweet girl who loves to be groomed and get loved on. Without Annabelle we also would have never gotten Pearl. Pearl our sweet one-eyed mini horse will be staying, she is a bit easier to care for and I don’t need someone out with me when I work her. (I had Dan out with me and Annabelle when we rode because she is young and still learning). I can still get my horse fix with my sassy little Pearl. We have also discussed that in the late spring we may try and find me a horse with more experience I can go ride by myself and doesn’t need all the extra training Annabelle still needs. Even though this hurts my heart I know it is best for Annabelle and best for my family at this stage. These last couple weeks have been trying with decisions of Annabelle and other personal things but God always prevails. There are seasons when life when you sometimes have to put your hands up and say I can’t do this right now even if you wish it could be different.  I have this incredible little human I am raising but still have to think of what is best for my fur babies even if that is not what I have always imagined.  So here is to Annabelle becoming the most incredible horse she can be and to us hopefully finding a horse that matches our lifestyle better in the late spring! I also have this feeling that sassy little pearl is going to LOVE not having a big old mare bossing her around anymore!

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