Sometimes being an Adult is hard!

There are some life changes you know are coming and some you have felt coming but didn’t know if it was real. We have had so many life changes this year. We have had to make some hard decisions like returning my horse. That though was just the warm up. We love our house and we love our property. When we bought this house three years ago Dan and I were so excited to pick out and purchase our first home together. At the time we weren’t part of a church and were actually taking a break so we didn’t really feel like we had a home base. I could commute back and forth from Monument no problem and Dan was home anyways. It was just the two of us and a 30 minute drive was nothing. These last three years here have been incredible but also in those last three years our lives have really started to center around Monument. We found and became members of a church in Monument, have lots of amazing friends in Monument, my family is there. Monument is our community. When we brought Karsten home is was becoming more and more apparent how much our lives were there. We started thinking about the future, well Karsten’s friends will be there, I want him in the school district there, and probably his activities will be as well. But here we are living almost 30 minutes away, but on the property our dreams are made of… About a week or so after deciding to give Annabelle back to her previous owner, I was making the long drive home and could hear God loud and clear. But I had to sit on what God had told me, this would be a giant change and we have already had so many… Then I had to talk it over with my favorite person to talk life over with; my mom. She agreed with everything I was saying and I decided it was probably time to talk this over with Dan. I was worried to talk to Dan, he knew how much I love our house, and he knew this was my dream. So we sat down and I said, “ Dan, I think we are supposed to move to Monument.” We sat and talked things out for a while and decided moving to Monument was the right thing for our family. I know, we are as shocked as you, but there are different seasons of life and this adventure (probably the most amazing one) of being a family of three and raising a son will be better suited in Monument, Colorado. So here we go on our next adventure selling out beloved house and finding a new one, the one we will raise our family in. It is one of the most bitter-sweet decisions I have ever made! I have cried while cleaning out my barn and I cried when they put the sign in the front yard today. But I am also so excited, excited to become more involved in our church activities, being closer to both mine and Dan’s families, watching Karsten grow and play with friends. Some of the best change in life is hard and boy this is, trying to find a home for Pearl, my ducks and goose and knowing more than likely my chickens. (Hoping to move somewhere we can have a couple of backyard chickens.) But, in the end the most important things is my family is living in a place we can grow and living in a place I can best serve the Lord. Right now that isn’t 5 acres in beautiful Black Forest, Colorado. Who knows maybe one day I will live out here again and gets horses, or perhaps maybe not. All I know is I will listen to the Lord and go where we need to go. Because home isn’t were horses, ducks and chickens are, home is where I walk through the door and see Dan and Karsten smiling back at me! So ready or not Monument, THE BAUMANN’S ARE COMING TO TOWN!!!

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