Double Rainbow

How in the world is it already March 3rd? Like seriously time is flying by. These last couple months have been filled with sickness, swim lessons, family, friends, and the best of all on January 19th we finalized Karsten’s adoption! The beginning of January was a big old bummer, I was sick the first three weeks and Karsten also got sick for the first time! Let me tell you being sick and caring for your kiddo is a whole new ball game, seriously I have so much respect for my mom! This was the first I have gotten sick since we brought Karsten home and man it is hard work and mom’s don’t get sick days! HA! Mom, seriously so much respect for all the times you were sick and still had to care for all of us!

January 19th was a great day. We all got dressed up and headed up to a courthouse in Castle Rock. Since we adopted in such a close timeline with our friends they got to finalize on the same day with us and they let us do it with each other in the same courtroom! We had so many people between us that we filled the courtroom and the jury box! The judge said something like, “wow you guys got anyone else out there?” The judge finalized our friends adoption first and then us right after. It was so sweet, it was amazing that after all the hoping, praying, waiting, paperwork, tears, God moving mountains, nervousness and then in just 10 minutes of talking to a judge it was done. Karsten was legally a Baumann forever! After, just our immediate family and our best friends went to our favorite restaurant, which is conventionally in Castle Rock. We ate and celebrated and just enjoyed the afternoon with the ones we love most. So how does it feel to have finalized Karsten’s adoption? Well mostly like it did before, we knew Karsten was forever our son now we just have a piece of paper to prove it! The best part of it was that we are done with visits from our case worker and monthly reports! WOOT WOOT! Although I will say I was also a little sad because I really love our case worker and she had been such a big part of our lives for a year and now we will like never talk to her, so that made me a little sad. But it does feel good. My precious little family is mine forever. Even more amazing is we gained a whole new group of family members; Karsten’s birth family who is also like our family now! That is really one of the most beautiful things about our adoption is how well we all became one big family, I feel so blessed to have them. I also know there are many adoptions where the openness doesn’t flow like it did with us, and that is okay, every single adoption story will be different. That is okay as well, I firmly believe that when you seek God first in adoption he will hand write the adoption story for your family and make it exactly what he wants it to be.

So now we just melt into family life and being with one another. This is the first time since we got married that something hasn’t been going on, whether that be moving, fixing houses, house flooding, pets passing unexpectedly, infertility, adoption paperwork and the wait, then waiting for finalization. It feels good to just BE, just be in the moment and not looking to what is next. Just be present to hear and see where God wants to use us, just be content in the moment. To enjoy the day to day life with Karsten and Dan, enjoy mommy and me swim lessons with Karsten, enjoy our new neighborhood and be available to help my mom who is caring for my almost 100 year old great gram in her home. These are those sweet moments of life that sometimes get taken for granted but I am certain are some of the most special moments of life. This is when I can grow my relationship with God and seek him in the quiet and not in the chaos that life can sometimes become. I’m just going to love and enjoy this season of life with my beautiful little family and listen to where God calls us next.

Life is and will forever be ever changing so I challenge you to find the beauty and find God in whatever season you may be in. To take time to breath in God’s word and breath in his grace and beauty. Even in the hardest seasons God will show you his beauty. I will never forget about three days before we found out we were matched with K, I was broken, probably the most broken I have ever been. I went out to see the horses I owned at the time and my little mini went running around the pasture and there was the most beautiful rainbow. My sister saw the video I took that night and knowing how broken I was reminded me that a rainbow represented God’s promises. Then the night Karsten was born, as we drove down to meet our son for the first time there was the most vivid double rainbow I have ever seen in my life. I got a text from the my sister that night as we drove down with a pictures of those rainbows and she said again, God’s promises… Even if you are in your darkest season of life look around, seek God and he will show his face…

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